Brand Interview: Shaina Freitas, Farmhouse Flooring

Today, I interview Shaina Freitas of Farmhouse Flooring. Just like so many of others I interview and consult, the service goes so far beyond the product. Her real intent is to make you feel at-home when you come in to her shop and to get a deep sense of welcome. We get into all the […]

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Brand Interview: Linda Richards, Horses Healing Hearts

Today, I interview Linda Richards of Horses Healing Hearts. This was a really fun and interesting conversation about what equine assisted psychotherapy actually is and does, and then how to communicate it to those who would benefit from it!

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Pilot: My Own Philosophy

Today, I share with you my own philosophical foundation for business. Most importantly, I share the principle of mutual profit as the basis for all business and the definition of business itself. I also share thoughts on how to integrate the transcendentals — goodness, truth, and beauty — into our understanding of our goods and […]

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