Check out KentJewelryRolla.com! Kent Jewelry is one of the premier fine jewelry stores of the Ozarks. Their jewelers are artisans and craftsmen in their field, having won numerous state and national awards throughout our 35-year history for our custom design work. They have an extensive inventory, both in-store and online, and they make beautiful custom […]
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Grace Anne is an author, painter and musician who delights in exploring a wide range of emotional, relational and spiritual experiences through the arts. Inspired especially by the fiction of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien, she seeks to express “the good, the true and the beautiful.” I am very proud of the way this website […]
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Check out JimDAkers.com! What's you favorite part of Jim's site? Jim is a speaker, author, and coach whose passion is to help people reach their potential and maximize their impact. Before going out on his own, he lead a $1B distribution company with 21 locations across the country which served packaging, custom packaging design, facility supplies, and printing […]
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JanJanke.com is totally HER! If you know Jan, you might be able to guess whose site this is by the look and feel alone! Jan's message is all about joy; she calls herself the "joy coach." I like her note about distillation (see her testimonial). I often analogize my work with whiskey. First, we just […]
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GSCFIT.com & EQFIT.gscfit.com
Steve and Ann Goodner hired me for their brand strategy and copywriting. I think we did a great job! Steve dubbed me the "Galactic Admiral of Distillation!" I found that pretty funny, but also apt. I just got him talking and sifted through to find the golden nuggets in what he communicated. And it's the same story […]
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I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out! James goes the extra mile, and I highly recommend his services!
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