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Online Marketing Workshop

Eliminate the #1 headache in building your online presence

Establish Your Brand — Write for Your Website — Sort Out Your Style

Next WorkshopSummerBegins:08/24/2020
Q&A Day and Time:Day:FridayTime:1:30 PM CT
In time to build by Q4

This is not just about your website. This is about all of your marketing efforts. It’s about your social media posts, your email marketing, and personal communication.

We start with your website because it is the place where you must be the most clear, the most concise, and the most powerful with your language.

Once you’ve put the necessary work into your website, all of your communication changes.

You will speak differently and express yourself in new ways.

You will speak to what is most important, that is, what is important to your ideal client.

You will speak to their wants and desires, their challenges, what gets in the way of what they want or where they want to go, and you will speak to how you are uniquely gifted to help them overcome those challenges and achieve that goal.

If that sounds like something you want, then what are you waiting for!?!

Ready to get started on your website?

What you will learn:

  • Session 1: Vision, Brand, and Your Ideal Client
  • Session 2: The Hero’s Narrative
  • Session 3: Copywriting for the Homepage
  • Session 4: The About and Primary Offer
  • Session 5: Colors, Photos, Design, and Wrap Up

You will get instruction, face-to-face time with the group, and time to put into practice each of the concepts I share with you.

Between our sessions, you’ll get to put your new knowledge to work.

You get all of this for just $150.

Once you are done with the workshop, you can roll that $150 into my basic website package and have a full-fledged website built for $800 total.

See when my next workshops are scheduled!

Q&A Day and Time:Day:FridayTime:1:30 PM CT
In time to build by Q4
Q&A Day and Time:Day:FridayTime:1:30 PM CT
Get a website built by Christmas! ❄🛷 Last offering at $150!
New YearBegins:01/08/2021
Q&A Day and Time:Day:FridayTime:1:30 PM CT
Keep your New Year's resolution to get that website built!
Late WinterBegins:03/12/2021
Q&A Day and Time:Day:FridayTime:1:30 PM CT
Go Gangbusters on that DIY re-brand!

Day of week and time are flexible. Let me know if you would like to attend but need a different time!

I can't wait to get you on the road toward 21st Century success!

I will respond personally within 2 business days

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