JanJanke.com is totally HER!

If you know Jan, you might be able to guess whose site this is by the look and feel alone!

Jan's message is all about joy; she calls herself the "joy coach."

I like her note about distillation (see her testimonial). I often analogize my work with whiskey.

First, we just brew a ton of words and put them into a big still, then we turn up the heat and get the essence of what is truly YOU off the top; we condense it, let it age a little, and package it in a way that really compliments the true you.

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James is a web designer extraordinaire!⠀

He truly captured the essence of my coaching business, and I am beyond-words joyful about the finished product!"⠀

Through his unique process, James asked questions to get to the heart of my coaching:

It’s about finding joy in knowing who you are and in becoming who you are meant to be

James is a master at distilling information.

Jan Janke