How to Build a Winning Brand

You need to win clients, so let's focus on what will win them over. The core of all marketing is to communicate value. When you meet your ideal client, what is it that he'll get from you?

Will he hear about how his life can improve or will he hear about your credentials and training?

Will he hear about something he wants or will he hear about a method, schedule, or program?

There's nothing wrong with training and programs—I myself have a written process for my clients—but that can't be what I sell.

Your ideal client is looking!
Just give him what he wants.

From a philosophical perspective, the end of marketing is to prompt others to accept an offer, and people only accept that which they believe is good for them. To increase fidelity to your brand, your ideal client should know you are where he can fulfill certain desires.

A second thing I should note is that as physical beings who experience space through time, we have a local focus, so the closer a narrative matches our own the more we are drawn to it. Just reread the first sentence to this post if you are at all skeptical; why did you continue to read?

I coach my clients through this process of framing their own ideal clients as the protagonist in the narrative. As succinctly and powerfully as possible, we tell their story. We draw a path from where they are, through the goods and services we offer, to where they want to be, and we call them to action.

You can write it like this:

Providing well for your family, honoring God in your work, and delivering a killer service is what you're about, but winning clients is tough. Maybe you choke when you make the pitch or people don't seem to be enthused like you hope.

I'll make communicating your true value to those who need you second nature so you can win clients you'll be excited to serve, achieve financial stability, and dedicate more time to your family.

What happens if you don't improve your marketing?

It's going to take work, and I'll be there for you as you do. Contact me to win your ideal client.

When your ideal client sees that path to where he wants to be, he will take it every single time.

Tell me, who is your ideal client? What's he looking for?