Our Purpose as Professionals

St. Thomas Aquinas writes that "...man's last end is happiness; which all men desire..."¹ We almost know this innately; all our desire point to this one reality.

In our Christian philosophy, we are made for our salvation and the glory of God, which are our ultimate happiness. All that we do should contribute to this end, and all that does not is chaff and will be threshed.

This must include business, our labor, and commerce.

At least as measured by time, we primarily fulfill that call to bring glory to God by what we do nine-to-five. All our goods and services should be ordered for human happiness: an increase in truth, goodness, and beauty for our clients and customers. We directly bring glory to God in our marketing, in our food production, in our coaching, and in our plumbing.

To see it any other way is not just to lose on a self-gratifying realization, but a discount of the value we are created to bring to the world!

Do not discount the value God calls you to bring to the world!

I'll restate this because it is so foreign to our culture. This isn't using your job as an evangelism tool; this is seeing the secular work you do as fundamentally a force for good and glory for God.

What good do you bring to the world? How does your work increase the other in truth, goodness, and beauty?

1. Summa Theologiae, First Part of the Second Part, Question 1, Article 8