The Left-Right March Toward Success
Problem Solving Dr. Jill Taylor gave a TED Talk documenting her experience with a stroke. As a brain scientist herself, the stroke became a gift after her 8-year recovery, allowing her to share an incredible experience with the world. Her experience tells us a great deal about how we are built as human beings and […]
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On Purpose, Prosperity, and Student Loans
A recent song has gained a lot of popularity amongst millennials and young people. The song, titled Stressed Out by 21 Pilots, is about a life with all the stress and responsibilities that adults face but without the anticipated fulfillment. Society has fed a lie to our new additions to the workforce, and for that […]
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What is Wealth, and the Problem of Money
I just watched a video of a young woman being interviewed on a national news network about changes she wants to see in the higher education system and its funding. The woman tells a story about her and her family’s struggle with finding the money to fund her education. She related the injustices she sees […]
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