How to Build a Winning Brand
You need to win clients, so let's focus on what will win them over. The core of all marketing is to communicate value. When you meet your ideal client, what is it that he'll get from you? Will he hear about how his life can improve or will he hear about your credentials and training? […]
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Our Purpose as Professionals
St. Thomas Aquinas writes that "...man's last end is happiness; which all men desire..."¹ We almost know this innately; all our desire point to this one reality. In our Christian philosophy, we are made for our salvation and the glory of God, which are our ultimate happiness. All that we do should contribute to this […]
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What's the point of business?
What's the point of doing business? I say It’s all about the way you help others, promote their good, and the value that you can add. When you shake hands with a new customer, what is it that you are saying? If you’re like me, you are saying with your hands “I will do good […]
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The Left-Right March Toward Success
Problem Solving Dr. Jill Taylor gave a TED Talk documenting her experience with a stroke. As a brain scientist herself, the stroke became a gift after her 8-year recovery, allowing her to share an incredible experience with the world. Her experience tells us a great deal about how we are built as human beings and […]
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On Purpose, Prosperity, and Student Loans
A recent song has gained a lot of popularity amongst millennials and young people. The song, titled Stressed Out by 21 Pilots, is about a life with all the stress and responsibilities that adults face but without the anticipated fulfillment. Society has fed a lie to our new additions to the workforce, and for that […]
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What is Wealth, and the Problem of Money
I just watched a video of a young woman being interviewed on a national news network about changes she wants to see in the higher education system and its funding. The woman tells a story about her and her family’s struggle with finding the money to fund her education. She related the injustices she sees […]
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