About James

Hi! I’m James

I’m an entrepreneur, a real family man, a deep thinker, an avid coder, and a word nerd.

I am all about helping other entrepreneurs take their products and services to market, make a better living for their families, and freeing up time for the important things in life like playing catch and bedtime stories.

Making time for family is hard when launching a business, and it takes a lot of work.

My process of website building distills what you’re all about and turns that into a story that grips the attention of your future clients, compelling them to work with you.

When they see what you’re all about, they will have no question about hiring you.

Your ideal client will catch your vision, and you will enhance their lives

I would be honored to work with you as you make your mark on this world.

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About Me and My Craft

This is not about a website or email templates. This is about your entire brand, every bit of communication you have with your clients: former, current, and potential.

My goal when I work with you is that communicating the true value of what you do to those who need you is as natural as giving out contact info. When your potential gets what you are really offering, the selling process is done!

It takes discovering what is truly you and distilling it artfully. It is cohesive storytelling about who you are, what you’re about, and what your clients and customers get from you.

I use coaching techniques that draw out the nuggets of gold that represent you most fully, and wordsmith powerful statements that guide us toward your ultimate goal: to capture attention.


I live in Rolla, Missouri with my better half, Alyssa, and our two boys, George and Henry.

Our days consist of card games, cuddles, diapers, and trips down to the nearby, 400+ acre family farm where we plan to build our dream home someday soon.