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to Win Clients
Only one thing matters in marketing:
that your ideal client emotionally understands the value you offer

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So, you're launching and growing your business, and you need to win clientele

That means attracting them, so what's attractive to your ideal clients?

Fundamentally, people are attracted to what they perceive will make them happy, and not just in a feel-good way but a core, soul-joy way. How is it that you contribute to that?

You may think your professional service or small business doesn't contribute to real happiness, but you'd be wrong!

All business is about engaging one another such that we all benefit, even in smaller ways like "hey! My pipes aren't leaking anymore!" Whether you are a life/leadership/business coach, a marketing guy, a designer, photographer, or plumber, all you do as a professional is to make someone else's life just a little better.

Communicating that "better" in a way that is clear and emotionally relevant is going to win their attention, and really it's the only way. When they see you as their route to that destination, the better life, they will take that route every time.

Get Clear on the Who, What, & Why

Who needs you? What do they desire and what keeps them from it? Why are you their next step in their story? 

Communicate it in Powerful Clarity

Develop the language that really speaks to those who need you and craft that powerful message

Win clients

Share your message via your website, social media, even while shaking hands and writing email

I have quite enjoyed my process with James! He really helped me get to the heart of the matter. I honestly would not have communicated to my ideal client as well without him!
James is a master at his craft! His process enabled me to seamlessly identify my ideal client and tell their story in a way that speaks directly to them. James is a pleasure to work with and truly brings out your best on the page.
James makes the copywriting process a lot less intimidating! He is incredibly insightful and helped me clarify my brand message. I appreciate his attention to detail and ability to select the words that would resonate most with my target audience. Thanks, James!
Thank you James for doing a great job!
James is a web designer extraordinaire! He truly captured the essence of my coaching business
I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out and with the ease of getting it accomplished!
I just finished session 1. It was fantastic! It made me totally rethink my value proposition to better fit my niche.
I have dubbed James as the "Galactic Admiral of Distillation!" He is an expert at getting to the essence of the message
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Three ways to work with me

Fresh Eyes Experience

Get to know who you are and the good you offer, and communicate it powerfully!

My 10-week signature package for the guerrilla entrepreneur to invade the market with shock and awe!

We start with a deep dive analysis of what exactly you offer, then focus on communicating it powerfully.

Accelerated Experience

For a lower commitment and a faster turn-around, perfect for your launch phase!

5 weeks to knowing who you are more deeply as a professional and what it is that people truly want.

This is a more streamlined approach perfect for smaller businesses and launching entrepreneurs.

Group Experience

Journey with others toward fulfilling your purpose in the workplace more deeply

Details to be determined. Please inquire!
Share your experience and get the comradery you need to spur you on toward the greatness to which God calls you in the market.

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If you are seriously out for the good of others, that ought to be attractive!

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