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Great Brands Go Beyond Looking Good — Appeal to the Soul
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The Fresh Eyes Guide to Solid Marketing
For Christian Coaches and Service Professionals

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    The Fresh Eyes Guide to Solid Marketing
    for Christian Coaches and Service Professionals


    What exactly do we intend when we reach out to others when marketing and offering our services? The answer to this question is of primary importance before we actually are reaching out!

    You've Got a Vision. Let's Make it a Reality.

    You're here because you have a passion, a mission, and a desire to make an impact. You know your work matters. Your business is more than just a way to make a living - it's a calling.

    At the intersection of purpose and profit, your business stands ready to do good in the world. But maybe something's holding you back. Maybe you're struggling to articulate what you do, who you help, and why it matters. Or maybe your current online presence just doesn't resonate with your values, or with the clients you want to reach.

    That's where I come in.

    Your Brand, Your Story

    My process is personal and collaborative, because your brand should reflect you - your personality, your mission, your values. It's not just about looking good; it's about appealing to the soul. It's about creating an online presence that truly represents who you are and what you stand for.

    Phase #1

    Get to know you.

    Your motivations. Your love for your work.

    What you offer and who you help

    We develop language that powerfully and succinctly expresses your service and its benefits.

    Phase #2

    Craft your brand.

    I plan and write content that's cohesive and intelligible.

    From hooks and taglines to website pages and social media content, we'll work together to communicate your message powerfully and honestly.

    Phase #3

    I build your site

    We'll choose colors, fonts, layouts, and images that complement your brand and tell your story.
    I don't just build a website; this is your online identity.

    What Others Say

    This has been really fun! I didn’t think I’d ever say that. I learned a lot about myself and about my ideal client. James helped me put into words and pictures what I’ve struggled with for years.
    Kerry Iannone
    Thank you, James, for your guidance through a deep vision casting process, that culminated in a fantastic custom designed website. Great work from vision casting through website development!
    Tim Barton
    Working with James was an incredible experience. He delivered more than I expected. He really listened to what I wanted, but he helped me to dig even deeper into what my clients are looking for. I am extremely pleased with the final result.
    Dawn Herbik
    James knew exactly the right questions to ask me, in order to pull out the right information for the content. Working together to create the website was for sure an experience I'm grateful to have had!
    Charlene Lewis
    I have quite enjoyed my process with James! He really helped me get to the heart of the matter. I honestly would not have communicated to my ideal client as well without him!
    Dale Young
    James is a master at his craft! His process enabled me to seamlessly identify my ideal client and tell their story in a way that speaks directly to them. James is a pleasure to work with and truly brings out your best on the page.
    Carissa Gay
    James makes the copywriting process a lot less intimidating! He is incredibly insightful and helped me clarify my brand message. I appreciate his attention to detail and ability to select the words that would resonate most with my target audience. Thanks, James!
    Stacy Karen Kalisz
    Thank you James for doing a great job!
    Jim Akers
    James is a web designer extraordinaire! He truly captured the essence of my coaching business
    Jan Janke
    I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out and with the ease of getting it accomplished!
    Leslie Newman
    I just finished session 1. It was fantastic! It made me totally rethink my value proposition to better fit my niche.
    Marvin Penick
    I have dubbed James as the "Galactic Admiral of Distillation!" He is an expert at getting to the essence of the message
    Steve Goodner
    Goodner Strategic Coaching GSCFit.com

    Work with Me

    Ready to take the first step? Let's talk about your vision, your goals, and how I can help you achieve them.
    Let's see if we're a good fit

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    For a lower commitment and a faster turn-around, perfect for your launch phase!
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    Strategy + Content + Website


    Get to know who you are and the good you offer, and communicate it honestly and powerfully!
    Content Program
    Site Size
    2-4 Pages


    In-depth dive into the true you, increasing your confidence in the good you bring to the world
    Content Program
    Site Size
    5-8 Pages
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    I also offer coaching for those looking for ongoing work developing yourself and your business!

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